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Get all the help you need to succeed in your career as an international athlete, going from Visa counseling advice, scholarship assistance, to even advice on accepting the right offer.

Visa Counseling Advice

Our experts will help you through visa counseling and orientation process.


International Visa Counseling

Scholarships Opportunities

Orientation Process

More perks!

Assistance registering (NAIA, NJCAA, NCAA)

    Assistance on applying to the eligibility clearinghouse.
    Assistance creating an account.
Assistance getting cleared to play.

Assistance on how to work as an international student

    Assistance on how to find a job inside the school.
    Assistance on how to get a social security.
    Orientation on how to get work permits to work outside the school.

Orientation Process

Applying to get a driver’s license,
Orientation on classes, Institution etiquette, and much more...

Other Assistance

    Assistance translating documents.
    Assistance filling out applications (Housing, others).
    Assistance getting an I20.

All these processes are available also for transfer students that are looking to move to a new school or that need assistance on this procedures.